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Worksheet Strenght & Weaknesses Analysis

Worksheet_Industry & Competitive Force Analysis

Worksheet_Evaluating Management Performance

Possible Research and Development Strategies

Possible Production & Operations Management Strategies

Possible Marketing Strategies

Possible Human Resource Management Strategies

Possible Financial Accounting Strategies

Organization Wide Goals

One Minute Goal Setting

Management Audit

Checklist Possible Information System Strategies

Checklist Conducting a Brainstorming

Characteristics of Competitive Strategies

Assessing the Support Activities in the Value Chain

Affinity Diagram

Administrative and Technology Services Outsourcing

Worksheet Strengths and Weaknesses

Worksheet_Start-Up Costs

Worksheet Self Assessment

Worksheet Franchise Comparison

Worksheet Business Selection

Test Franchise Feasibility

Evaluating Family Budget

Checklist Ways to Communicate

Checklist Start-Up

Checklist_Basic Franchise Agreement Terms

Office Supplies Request

Purchase Order

Purchase Order Letter

Phone Memo or Phone Contact Form

Memo or Contact Form

Executive Summary

Business Plan Guidelines

Stock Certificate and Common Stock

Shareholders Agreement

Pre-Incorporation Designation of Directors

Pre-Incorporation Agreement

Certificate of Incorporation


Articles of Incorporation

Shareholders Resolution

Resignation of Office

Resignation of Directorship

Board Resolution

Revocation of Proxy

Revocable Proxy

Irrevocable Proxy

Minutes Of Meeting of Shareholders

Organization Meeting of Incorporators

Minutes Of Regular Meeting of Directors

Minutes of Special Meeting of Directors

First Meeting of The Board of Directors

Minutes of Meeting of Directors

Meeting Minutes

Notice of Meeting of Directors

Holiday Letter to Stockholders

Certificate Of Corporate Vote

Certificate of Corporate Resolution