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Restrictions on Credit

Request for Refund of Duplicate Payment

Request for Credit Information

Reply to Request About Credit Rejection

Refund of Duplicate Payment

Refund for Returned Merchandise

Notice to Stop Credit Charge

Notice to Correct Credit

Notice of Credit Limit

Notice of Credit Limit Increase

Notice of COD Terms

Inquiry on New Customer Credit

Denial of Credit

Customer Charge Card Approval

Credit Reference Response

Credit Memo

Credit Information Request

Credit Information Cover Letter

Credit Extension to Past Due Preferred Customer

Consumer Credit Application

Company Credit Account Denial

Christmas Credit Extension Announcement

Business Credit Application

Authority to Release Credit Information

Approbation of Financing Application

Apology to Customer for Accounting Error

Apology for Not Crediting Payment

Apology for Accounting Errors and Past Due Notice

Transmittal for Collection

Settlement of Disputed Amount_Seller

Settlement of Disputed Amount_Buyer