High-School Graduation Prank Hack

This is a funny story about the hacking that a group of high school students did against the Illinois School District, attacked 500 screens in a number of schools. In this process, the group hacked the school’s IT systems; software used to monitor students ‘ computers can be reused; a new vulnerability discovered (and reported); wrote your own scripts; systems tested secretly at night; and the school managed to avoid being detected on the network. Most of these methods were not sophisticated, but almost all of them were illegal. He has a happy ending, no one was persecuted. A spokesperson for the D214 school district told WIRED that they can confirm that the events described on Duong’s blog took place. They say the district does not approve of the hacking and that “the incident underscores the importance of the comprehensive cybersecurity educational opportunities the district provides to students.” “The district is treating the incident as a penetration test and the students involved submitted the data professionally,” the spokesperson said, adding that the technical team has made changes to prevent something like this from happening again in the future. The school also invited students to analyze the flights and asked them to explain what they were doing.

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