Cato Networks names as 2021 Innovation Award Winner

The Italian manufacturer Gnutti Carlo Group has named Cato Networks as the best supplier in the innovation category for 2021. The award was awarded for the high value of wide area network connectivity and security provided by the Cato SASE cloud to support the Gnutti Carlo Group’s digital transformation initiative. Using the Cato SASE Cloud, Gnutti Carlo Group has replaced outdated MPLS services in China, acquired outdated firewalls, VPN hubs and secure, high-performance connections to public and private clouds. “Cato’s focus on products, processes and methods has helped the Gnutti Carlo Group adopt a new business approach to the cloud networking and security service of the Cato SASE Cloud. For this, Cato was awarded the Innovation Award 2021, ” says Omar Moser, CIO of the Gnutti Carlo Group. “Thanks to the Cato platform and its strategic services, the Gnutti Carlo Group has benefited from a more structured, controlled and secure ICT environment throughout the company.” Gnutti Carlo Group, headquartered in Mclodio (Brescia, Italy), is the world’s leading manufacturer in the automotive sector. The company is a partner of various equipment manufacturers operating in the automotive, truck, earthmoving, motorcycle, transportation, generator sets and e-mobility sectors. With a turnover of 700 million euros and approximately 4000 employees, the company operates 16 factories in nine countries in Europe, America and Asia. In 2015, the company began to recognize its outstanding suppliers with an award in each of the three categories: direct materials, indirect and innovation. All departments of a multinational company appoint and evaluate a small number of suppliers for each category. “The Gnutti Carlo Group strongly believes in this initiative, which means recognition and appreciation of the goodwill and outstanding performance of suppliers, ” says Moser. “We appreciate the Gnutti Carlo Group’s recognition of Cato as a top innovation provider in the field of ICT, and in particular in the field of networking and security,” said Luca Simonelli, vice president of sales for the EMEA region of Cato Networks. “Global networking and security in the cloud by combining the chassis of Cato, businesses Gnutti Carlo Group and all global operations, cloud migration, business restructuring and wide for the transformation of critical business initiatives in addressing remote access and may become more efficient and flexible.”

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