Black Hat Fireside Chat: MSSPs are well-positioned to help companies achieve cyber resiliency

Network security faces serious challenges. Security teams have to defend an ever-expanding attack zone, skilled IT specialists are missing, and threat actors have a working day. However, Managed security service providers – MSSPS – are able to rush to help. MSSPS appeared on the scene 15 years ago to ensure the security of devices as a contract service: antivirus, firewalls, email protection and the like. They have evolved to outsource EDRS, Siems, threat analysis platforms, and other advanced network security services. Guest Expert: Chris Pruitt, Technical Director of Inversion6 Today, large companies that provide IT services, as well as legacy cybersecurity service providers, are rushing to essentially create the next generation of MSSPS, if you will. Leading players work together and innovate to achieve the optimal portfolio of services. I had the opportunity to visit Black Hat 2022 with Christopher Pruitt, CTO of Inversion6, a Cleveland-based managed IT security services provider. We discussed how far MSP has come since the early 2000s when it focused on helping companies monitor compliance. To fully understand our discussion going forward, listen to the accompanying podcast. In the future, it seems that MSSP plays a fundamental role in the provision of digital trade opportunities.

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