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Who Should Be Involved In Creating A Quality Management Plan?

The short answer: Everyone.

Quality management is central to the project lifecycle—it starts at the beginning, with everyone owning quality.

But there are a few key players who should be involved, regardless of how your team is structured:

Test Engineer

Teams may have a specific test engineer role, which should also be involved at the beginning. This role is incredibly valuable to have in any quality management plan, notably for detailed requirements management. If you do not have this role on your team, you should lobby to have one.

Test engineers are going to see things that other roles on the team may naturally not see. This role is naturally detailed, while also keeping the bigger picture of the full end-user journey in mind. At this beginning stage of a project, test engineers can help define acceptance criteria for when a feature may be “complete.”

Project Stakeholders

The value of quality management does not stop with the test engineers. During initial requirements gathering and definition, it is important that everyone on a project team, including stakeholders, participates in requirements gathering and definition.

This thread of collaboration is carried through development, integration of test cases, stakeholder acceptance, and even user feedback collection and prioritization.

Example Quality Management Plan

This quality management plan example applies best to software development projects with small teams.

In a software quality management plan, here are a few sections you could include:

  • Project quality measurements: the things you’re measuring and how you define their quality
  • Key responsibilities: a list of people and who’s doing what
  • Implementation checklist: tasks to make sure you’re implementing your quality plan
  • Requirements quality check: a log where you record specific requirements and check off various quality management and testing activities
  • Target device list: a record of all your target devices where your software quality criteria should be met

You might list these all on a word document or in separate tabs in a spreadsheet, or in your own work management system. In my sample, I have them as separate tabs in a spreadsheet 

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