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Project Portfolio Management Software

Project Portfolio Management Software

Choosing the right project portfolio management software and tools is often the key to successful PPM. There are so many with different capabilities. If you were to search for, “best PPM software”, for instance, lots of software will show up. However, the term “best” is subjective. Something may be the best for one company, but completely useless for another. It really depends on your situation and how many projects you have.

Perhaps, the best way to choose software and tools is to keep these questions in mind.

  • What do I need this for?
  • Do I want my PPM software to be web-based or not (online portfolio management software or installed)?
  • How many people will be using this software?
  • Do I want to be able to manage clashes?
  • Is this software for internal employees or external clients? Is it for both?
  • Do I care about how the user interface looks?
  • How easy should the software be to use – is the preference for a less powerful tool but that’s quick to learn, or something more powerful with a steep learning curve?

Those are some good starting questions, that often give you a basic outline of what software and tools you’ll be needing.  It’s best to really consider your situation before tying yourself down to one program. Here are 10 project portfolio management tools that I consider to be the best portfolio managers around

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