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What Does Information Technology Portfolio Management Look Like?

What Does Information Technology Portfolio Management Look Like?

This is a common question, so here’s an example of what portfolio management looks like in IT. An IT portfolio manager will generally look at three main things:

  1. Processes
  2. People
  3. Technology

The purpose of IT portfolio management is to ensure that the individual IT investments embedded in the organization’s processes, people, and technology are on track, bridging the gap between the org’s overall strategy and the execution of that strategy. An IT portfolio manager examines the financial portfolio, determines potential returns of different IT investments, determines a project’s fit with strategic objectives, and assesses risk on a portfolio level.

IT portfolio management and project portfolio management in IT are similar, however, in some cases IT portfolio management will step beyond projects and initiatives to also examine the applications and infrastructure related to those projects.

In a large organization, IT or software portfolio management will draw not only from technology portfolios themselves, but also from related disciplines including enterprise architecture, business case analysis, program management, and performance management. Even so, IT portfolio managers will still follow the same types of portfolio management processes listed above.

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