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Show That Security Professionals Are Human Too For Security Awareness

Security Expert Videos
Consider creating a series of short, self-shot videos covering mini topics that provide a personal approach to promoting “faces” in the security space while driving clear, conscious messages. This approach offers a relaxed way to present experts as real people who can relate to the target audience. Increasing the frequency of these videos will help build a familiarity with the expert, expanding the likelihood of repeat engagement. The videos can then be archived on your intranet site for future reference.
Security Mailbox
Keeping the lines of communication open with your audience through the use of an employee mailbox provides the necessary information exchange to create an ongoing dialogue. The mailbox can be used to answer security questions or provide feedback. You can then turn the questions into FAQs and house them on your intranet site, even creating a “top 10 questions” list. Your audience should not be apprehensive to engage with you; this approach is a low-risk form of interaction.
Security Town Hall
A town hall is a strong tool in getting your audience emotionally invested in a message. Hosting an open-format Q&A town hall, with minimal format and setup, allows you to connect your audience with the security direction while encouraging an open dialogue. By giving your audience a voice, in a nonthreatening environment, they are more likely to feel a sense of ownership and to anchor themselves around their responsibilities to securing the organization. Send invitations with enough advance notice so that your audience can block their time accordingly.
This approach provides a way of creating a following while cementing your position as a subject matter expert. Just be sure not to adopt a lofty tone — your job is to “keep it real.” Incorporating this element into your touch strategy will help you build a long-term relationship with your audience and will assist in promoting your brand. Blog entries do not have to be long; in fact, the shorter they are, the better.

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