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Get People Involved for Security Awereness

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Photo Contest
Who said security can’t be fun? Photo contests can be simple, user-friendly experiences with the ability to reach and engage any size audience. We have been saturated by “selves,” and what better way to use them than to turn those images into a contest? Have your audience submit photos that depict what security awareness means to them (a family/group of employees dressed as super heroes, or a baby dressed as a ninja standing on a keyboard). Creativity will be high as your audience determines what will get them victory. It’s important to determine what your contest goals/ rules are, how you will administer the contest, how will you determine the winner and what the lowcost prize will be. This may work best when targeted to specifc roles within a company; however, having executives participate will help encourage others, and will show that security, and executives, can be fun. Partner with your marketing team to create a fun advertising campaign to spread the word and secure time during a companywide meeting to show the top 10 entries and announce the winner.
Gamifed Cubicle Station
Through the use of security cubicles, you can allow your audience to participate in mock security scenarios where they work through high-risk problems (for example, show an image of a workstation and ask the employee to identify all the visible security risks). This interactive form of gaming gets the participants involved and invested in solving the problem. Simply set up laptop stations in high-volume areas with simple activities preloaded, like the one mentioned previously.
Phishing Email Contest

It’s challenging to keep your phishing program relevant to your audience without employing some customization. Get your target phishing population involved by having them craft the phishing email, putting themselves in the mind of the attacker. Privately select the top few and test them to determine which approach had the most victims. You can award the winning author with a small prize and lots of corporatewide recognition.
Scavenger Hunt
Architect a digital scavenger hunt by using free apps like Huntzz and Klikaklu. These apps allow you to create complete hunts from beginning to end, are easy to use and work with most mobile devices. The hunt can require that participants follow clues in order to take photos that will eventually advance them to the end, where a fnal security message is revealed. The most benefcial part of this approach is removing the audience from a “corporate” environment and getting into their reality.

Shredding Day
Facilitate a day where your employees can bring any personal documents to the offce and use the corporate shredding facility to destroy them. Make the connection that they care about secure destruction of their own private data, so they should also act likewise when working with customer/corporate data.
Destroy/Donate Day
Promote a day where your employees can bring in old, outdated or broken electronics to eitherdestroy or donate (after being securely wiped) to a school or charity.

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